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Welcome to the website on the proposals for the future of Republic at East India Dock.

Managed by Trilogy, Republic is a vibrant and inspiring campus which encourages creativity and entrepreneurship. The campus consists of four buildings – Import, Export, Mulberry Place and Lighterman House.

Import and Export have been transformed into award-winning workspaces. Home to universities, businesses and charities – alongside great cafes, gyms, water gardens and our sandpit!  At Republic, we work with to create a culture in which partnerships, community and innovation flourish.

We’ve been thinking about the future of Republic – and have brought forward proposals as to how the campus can be developed. We’d like to create more public space; flexible workspaces; a data centre and homes for people to live here.  You can find out more about our proposals on the Our Vision page.

What's next?

Last summer we undertook public consultation on our proposals and then submitted a planning application to Tower Hamlets in October 2021. It was really helpful to hear local people’s views during this process, and we are grateful to everybody that provided their feedback. Since then, we also embarked on discussions with Tower Hamlets, with a focus on  the homes we want to create here at Republic – making sure we have a strong affordable and social housing offer to support the local community.

As part of our revised proposals, we will be offering 35% of the homes at affordable rents (this is 35% of every ‘habitable’ room in the scheme). Of these, 70% will be socially rented homes, in line with Tower Hamlets policy. You can check out our updated proposals and give feedback on it, by logging onto the Tower Hamlet’s planning portal and searching for application PA/21/02182. To view our initial consultation material on the plans published in Summer 2021, please visit the ‘Virtual Exhibition’ page.

Our planning application is with Tower Hamlets Council. We anticipate that it will be discussed at the Planning Committee in the Autumn. We would still love to hear from you if there are any questions or comments about the proposals – so please visit the ‘Contact Us’ page if you would like to speak to us.

Who we are

Development Team



Republic is a partnership between Trilogy Real Estate LLP and LaSalle Investment Management.


Trilogy is a London-based real estate investment and development business. We specialise in unlocking the hidden potential of buildings, transforming them into inspiring, creative and impactful places. At Republic, we have taken a long term view on creating the workplaces and innovation hubs of the future – inclusive places which nurture creativity and entrepreneurship, support the wellbeing of the people who call it home, as well as forging strong links and employment opportunities with the wider local community.


LaSalle is one of the world’s leading real estate investment managers. Its diverse client base includes public and private pension funds, insurance companies, corporations, endowments and private individuals from across the globe. LaSalle invest exclusively in real estate and are deeply committed to sustainability – working to ensure its portfolio of properties play their part in contributing to a cleaner, greener planet.


Design Team


SimpsonHaugh is an award-winning architectural firm with offices in Manchester and London, with over 30 years of experience. Their portfolio of work includes iconic schemes such as the Circus West Village in Battersea Power Station, One Blackfriars, Queens Park Palace, and Dollar Bay

Studio RHE (Public Realm)

Studio RHE is a London based architecture and design practice who deliver bold, innovative, residential, leisure and workplace environments. Studio RHE were the principal architects on the first phase of Republic’s award winning transformation.

Nicholas Webb Architects (Data Centre)

Nicholas Webb Architects (NWA) are an architectural practice with a sector specialism in designing data centres. NWA has designed some of the most cutting-edge data centres in the world.


Community Engagement

Kanda Consulting

Kanda are specialists in working with community organisations, businesses and residents to ensure they have the opportunity to offer meaningful, early input into local developments.

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